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Dynamite Training – How it works

Step 1

Sign up through my website.

Step 2

I load you onto the APP.
You complete your profile and online consultation form.

Step 3

I start the process of setting up your training plan, eating plan and supplement plan.

Step 4

Once your plan is ready, it will be available on the APP.

Step 5

You execute the plan and I hold you accountable through the process. Check-ins, uploading progress pics.

We will communicate to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to ensure all questions are answered and you are 100% happy with your plan.


It’s the year 2020, a global pandemic has taken over the world, forcing people into their homes for their own safety. Not buying into the propaganda…

About “Dynamite Training”

Dynamite Training | Exercise Rehab Specialist | Online Coach | Internationally Sponsored Fitness Bikini Athlete

My fitness journey began when I hung up my Ultra marathon running shoes, in exchange for crop tops, leggings and deadlifts. My passion for lifting weights and sculpting my body grew, and before I knew it I was placing in the top 5 in all the fitness shows I entered. With determination , discipline, the help of my incredible coach Jack Lotter, and belief in myself I became an internationally sponsored Fitness Bikini Athlete. I have always been involved in the health and fitness industry and I’m passionate in helping others overcome not only injury or chronic disease, but become better and more improved versions of themselves. My favourite saying is “start as you mean to go on.” In other words, if you want something, plot out a path to achieve it. Make a dream a reality and it soon becomes a goal. Thats how you learn to achieve YOUR “impossible.”  

I also write for the sweet life magazine, which is a publication aimed at Diabetics…Sweet Life Mag

When you start your 30-Day Trial

Training App Access

Complimentary access to the app for 30 days where a personalized training and meal plan will be given

Facebook Group Access

You will be added to the Dynamite Facebook Group

5 Recipes

5 recipes will be emailed through the course of the month, every 6 days


From the first day I met Sarah I knew she was the right person to lead me on my fitness journey. Her knowledge,quiet confidence and genuine desire to help others is absolutely amazing. She gives her clients her all and the only thing she asks for in return is commitment to the plan that she tailors perfectly to each individuals needs. Sarah wants nothing more than to see her clients succeed and to make them realize their worth and true potential. She is the best coach and an inspiration.

Brittany Leeson



It’s so important to invest in a coach who is educated, knowledgeable and puts your health first. Choosing Sarah as my coach was the best decision I could have made because she optimizes all 3 of these. She is always there giving guidance and assistance and a good kick up the ass if you need it. She keeps me challenged with intense workouts and has taught me how to eat towards my goals. I can’t wait to see what our next chapter holds. Invest in the best.

Melanie Martin


Ready to Start

Let’s do MAGIC and start the journey to a more healthier YOU


Dynamite Apparel

Gym bag, Water bottle with compartments for whey and supplements, Gym towel with zip, and Cap

Dynamite Super Prep 

Recipes E-book

Dynamite Bootay BST


4, 8 or 12 weeks

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