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30-Day Trial

What's Included?

  • Access to the app for 30 days where an individualized exercise programme and meal plan will be given
  • You will be added to the  Dynamite Girls Facebook group given
  • 5 recipes will be emailed through the course of the two weeks every 6 days

One Month - R1499


Exclusive Dynamite Plans

The following exclusive Dynamite plans will be emailed through the course of the two weeks every alternate day from the recipes: 

  • Dynamite’s tips for healthy, clean travelling
  • Dynamite’s Detox tips for Cheat Meal woes
  • Dynamite’s 5 best full body exercises
  • Dynamite’s tips for healthier cooking
    Dynamite’s tips for meal planning and time management

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What if I want to cancel?

A full written calendar month’s notice period is required should you wish to discontinue training. This will be invoiced separately when written notice is received.

  1. Log into your PayFast account
  2. Navigate to the “transactions tab” and click on “subscriptions
  3. Under “Your Subscriptions”, retrieve the subscription that you would like to cancel
  4. Click on the “X” icon next to the subscription to cancel
  5. Click the “Submit” button to confirm the cancellation of the subscription
    *NB If you have not registered an account with PayFast, you can go to our registrations page and register the account using the same email address that is linked to the subscription you want to cancel.

Send an email to sarahh@sherifftraining.co.za from your registered email address, and we will cancel the membership from our side.


An online coach is just like any other coach, who is there to assist you in motivating you to achieve your goals.  As much as they are not there with you all the time face to face, they are watching over your every move making sure you are following the plan.  Think of an online coach like a big brother. There to guide you in every facet of your fitness journey but letting you have the independence to instill internal discipline to get the job done.  You are accountable to someone other than yourself, which means when you want to default back to old and bad habits, you have the guidance from your coach to make sure that you see and practice reason enough to stick to your goals.  An online coach is not there to do the work for you, but to teach you how to empower yourself.

During your 30-day trial period you will be loaded onto the Sheriff Training Systems Trainerize app platform.  After completing your consultation form and setting up your profile, you will be given a training and eating plan based on your consultation form and goals, which, once you sign on officially will be adjusted and fine-tuned to align with your specific goals.   This adjustment will take no longer than 48 hours to complete. During this time your profile will still remain active so that there will be no disruption to your training.

How long is a piece of string!  It will take a minimum of a three-month commitment to induce some permanent change in both your eating and lifestyle, and for myself as your coach to be happy that you have made positive long lasting changes.  However you will most certainly see results much earlier, sometimes as early as 2 weeks. It all depends on your individual circumstances and direction.

I cater for ANY dietary restriction or preference.  I work meticulously on your meal plan and training plan to ensure that no matter what your goals and circumstances are that we can find a way to get you to your end goal in the most balanced, effective and sensible way possible.

As a Biokineticit with over 13 years rehabilitation experience I will be able to modify your training plan for any injury, past or present condition or supposed set back to your training.  

I take into account your age, weight, gender, height, activity level both past and present, pre-existing or past medical conditions, food intolerances or allergies, basal metabolic rate and total daily expenditure, stress levels. goals and exercise plan and direction and with all of that information work out your calorie intake, meal split, nutrition plan and supplement plan.  It is in intricate process calculated to the individual.

Based on your goals, level of experience and training frequency I put together the appropriate training split. This then gets allocated to particular days on your training calendar, which is available for you to view for a few weeks in advance so as to plan your life.  

This can be a very personal issue, as I do have a lot of clients not wanting to take any supplements.  Im an advocate of less is more in this department, however I recognize the need for an increase in certain micronutrients as an absolute bare minimum in the daily diet such as omega 3 fish oils and Vitamin C.   Your supplement plan will be carefully married to your training and eating plan for the best possible results.