Tips to prevent injury during LOCKDOWN 😀

Injuries happen for two main reasons, overuse, and trauma. Now during this time of lockdown you will also find yourselves in a unique situation where your routines are completely different. You are more than likely moving a lot less than before, and now with the guidance of your coach you have been given an exercise routine either with weights you managed to purchase or you’ve now had to improvise with water bottles broomsticks etc. So this adds another element to the mix with regards to exposing your body to movements it may not have done before. Prevention is better than cure in EVERY situation, and so please read these top ten tips carefully and apply them to your every day life during lockdown.

  • When exercising, warm up and cool down properly, do not rush this, it is as important as the body of your exercise session!
  • Avoid explosive movements or high impact movements if you have not exposed your body to this before. E.g. if you are used to walking for your cardio, don’t just suddenly launch into skipping. Rather do stepping first, or walking on the spot then slowly progress to running on the spot.
  • If you are using make shift weights i.e. in backpacks, or buckets, please make sure that you err on the side of caution and start light, also ensuring these weights are 100% balanced e.g. in the case of a makeshift barbell.
  • Ensure your range of motion is correct – for example you may be working off a chair or bench higher or lower than what you have used at the gym. Make sure you are not increasing or decreasing the range of motion of the exercise too much so that the rest of your body has to compensate.
  • Make sure you do your exercises slowly, breathing correctly and concentrating on form. 
  • For ANY exercise that you may feel unsure of, film yourself doing this exercise, and send it to your coach for edification.
  • Set yourself daily goals over and above your training. If you are at your desk working, it is VITAL that you take regular breaks, move around, and stretch! (Please see the video that I have made in this regard with a mobility and stretching routine you can do daily).
  • If you find yourself having more time on your hands this doesn’t necessarily mean train more. You can risk overtraining so please follow the instructions given to you by your coach.
  • Take rest days!!!!
  • If you are working at your laptop don’t work in bed! This is not good for your back. Try and set up a work station, that is the correct height, a chair with good support and an area with enough light – you may not realize but the ergonomics of your work station can affect your body and cause muscle spasms and lead to poor circulation.